>Hi all,
>    I'm generating a pdf from a servlet and although it's very easy to
>it's VERY slow and causes the browser to raise a timeout exception. I'm
>using a Pentium III 500 + 500 Mb + jdk1.3 machine and it takes 5 minutes
>get a 2 pages document with no graphics, just one big table with 5
>Am I doing something wrong or fop is not ready for "real-life" ?

FOP is not generally slow but under certain circumstances.
Try to use the FOP command line application to render your PDF and
watch the output. If you get lots of overflows, indicated by a ">"
or an "INFO: >" line, you'll have to fiddle with column widths and
maybe hyphenation to make this go away. You may also want to check
"keep-together" attributes and such stuff that could cause FOP to
iterate. If you could publish your FO file, preferably trimmed down
to the a small part which is still slow, this would help to analyze
the situation in more detail. (Please don't send a Megabyte file
to the list!)


Joerg Pietschmann

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