On Wednesday 10 October 2001 10:19, Thomas Kæregaard wrote:
> I would like to distribute FOP with my application, but I don't want to
> force people to install 5,4 MB worth of JRE.

Most likely you *will* have to distribute the JRE (unless you find a 
compatible java-to-exe compiler?).

You might not need to *install* the JRE, though. Recent experiments here have 
shown that merely *copying* an installed JRE directory to another system works, as 
long as you're careful 
with PATH and the like to make sure that the desired version of the JRE is 
I don't know if this is "official" but it works fine.

Starting java classes from an EXE is possible using JNI (the java native 
interface), this is done for example by the "javaserv" utility, see 

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