On Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:58:51 "Menday, Roger" wrote:
> Hi ! 
> I am using Apache FOP to produce PDF documents, and I am embedding
> vector
> diagrams into the document by describing the picture using SVG.
> Everything looks v.good, apart from the text in the SVG - this looks
> sort of 'grainy' or there is a problem with the anti-aliasing, or
> something. I'm just starting out with FOP, and my first reaction was
> that I would maybe get better results if I used SVG fonts ...

The problem is that you are using SVG fonts. That is every character that
is drawn is converted into a set of curves. The real problem is that the
viewer (eg. acrobat) cannot display these curves very well. If you print
out the document (on a decent printer) you will see that the text appears
how it should.
There is a limited implementation that does not draw the text as curves
(using normal pdf text instead) but it doesn't handle many things well.
just put this in you config file:

> What am I missing here ?
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
> Roger

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