Someone wrote:
>Can anyone help me in knowing that why XSL cannot be
>written to translate the xml to PDF.
>Why XSL FO is the approach to create the PDF.

Golly, you *are* persistent.
XSLFO processors have the task to layout your text
structure as described by XSL FOs onto pages. That's
a much more complex task than most people are aware of.

>Now anyone kindly tell me Can I write xsl's to create
>my xmls directly to PDF 1.1 or higher.

You can, at least in principle. Get the PDF spec
and go ahead. Be warned: it's no fun at all unless
you're actually trying to achieve something very simple
(fixed width fonts, page and font sizes known in advance
etc.) It's likely to be messy in XSL even then.
You won't get *any* help from either this or the XSL list
on PDF specific questions.
You may look at the FOP sources or at a TEX-distribution
( to get an impression what difficulties
you might encounter.


Joerg Pietschmann

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