you need to modify both Engine (org.apache.cocoon.Engine) and
FO2PDFFormatter (org.apache.cocoon.formatter.FO2PDFFormatter) classes. I
have already modified them (see the source code attached), hope it can be a
little contribution to some cocoon developers.

I'm also wondering if someone has implemented "background-image" property in
FO, it is really important to me. Thanks.


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Subject: How to embed FOP-0.18 in Cocoon 1.8?


i am new to FOP. now, i am using the Cocoon 1.8 build to use the FOP. here,
the version of FOP is 0.13. How can i upgrade my FOP 0.13 to FOP 0.18.
Please help me

Thanks in Advance

With Regards

Sudhakar Sankar 

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