Hi Raymond,

I appreciate your patch.
I have had a quick look at it appears that it would do the right thing. 
One thing is that for the pdf renderer I think there might be a better way 
to specify the character spacing ("Tc" operator I think).

As far as getting it into the current cvs, the problem is that the current 
cvs has changed a great deal since 0.20.2 and we are working the basic way 
that FOP handles fo and ultimately creates the output. Your changes would 
be useable but only some of it can be put into the current cvs.

The main problem is that a fair amount of work needs to be done before FOP 
will do anything useful and most of the people who have been doing this 
don't have the time at the moment.

It is a priority to get FOP to a stage where everyone can understand what 
is happening and to be able to contribute individual pieces of work (such 
as your patch) that will improve FOP.

The options area:
- put your patch on the maintenence brach and sometime soon do a 
maintanence release
- you could make the patch for the current cvs, only about half will be 
possible and it will not work for a while
- you could help out with getting current cvs to work

I release there are no quick solutions but this is something that has to 
be done to make FOP better in the long term.


On 2001.11.30 15:37 Raymond Penners wrote:
> Hi,
> I've added support for the 'letter-spacing' property. A patch to fop 
> 0.20.2, and a test case are added to this mail. I would really 
> appreciate some feedback on this. For example, what changes are 
> necessary to get letter-spacing support integrated into CVS.
> Thanks,

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