Has anyone figured out a way to use a relative path with the "file:..."
protocol in fo:external-graphic? The path below works on my Unix boxes. The
probem is I develop in an NT box and I'm getting tired of changing my
stylesheets every time I upload to the staging or porduction servers. 

This is the full path which works:
NF/lib/ClinTrialLogoGreenBig.gif" />

But every time I try to use something like this:
goGreenBig.gif" />

I get this error:
Error while creating area : Invalid Image URL - error on relative URL : no
protocol: null/config/isap

By the way I still haven't found a way to get the file protocol to work on
NT. I have to use HTTP. I could use HTTP on the Unix boxes, but I'd still
have to change the port every time.

Any ideas, even a pointer would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Savino

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