Hi folks,

i've got the following problem:

Is there a way to set the current page-number within a page-sequence? I'm looking for something like that "<fo:page-number current-page='1'/>....


A RTF-document with placeholders (introduced by a escape-character, e.g. "~") is converted to FO using rtf2fo (http://www.novosoft-us.com/ns2b.nsf/w1/RTF2FO). After that i search in the FO-File for placeholders and replace them.

        RTF: ....Dear Mr. ~mister....
        FO: .....<fo:inline>....Dear Mr. ~mister....</fo:inline>.....

So i have a special placeholder "~page", which is replaced by "<fo:page-number/>"  (occours in footer). The RTF-document consist of 2 or more chapters and every chapter should start with page-number 1. At the begin of a chapter there is a placeholder "~reset-page-count"... and therefore i need a fo-tag.

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