Sorry, to inform that I found my mistake in my XSL. I forgot to put 'pt'
after line-height value.

Thank you


                    Lay Pheng                                                          
                    Khoo                 To:     [EMAIL PROTECTED]                
                    12/06/01             Subject:     Problem in line-height           
                    11:48 AM                                                           


I faced problem when I run FOP. The problem is line-height attribute, when
I place my line-height in <fo:block> as attribute and when I run FOP
0.20.2, it given me an infinity loop even through my fo file is very small.

Below is my sample program for fo:

    <fo:block border-color="#ffffff" border-width="0" line-height="60.75"
     <fo:external-graphic src="abc.jpg" height="60.75pt" width="54.75pt"/>

May I know which I do wrong? Hoping somebody can tell how to solved the

Thank you


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