i have a website that allows clients to print documents of there info which
is a table created from an sql query and a bunch of asp vbscript and java
script. the client can customize the table by adding or removing columns of

using asp i am writing a fo file i was hoping to send to the fop servlet an
serve the pdfs to the cleint rather than the html they get now.

the problem is the fo file seem to have to reside locally in order for the
fop servlet to find it.


works fine


does not

i also thought about running the command line version from vbscript and then
sending it to the client.

                dim oWSH
                set oWSH = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")  
                oWSH.Run "fop c:\temp\test.fo -pdf c:\temp\test.pdf",1,true
                Set oWSH = Nsothing

this doesn't work either

any help would be appreciated.

new at this
matt laywell

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