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At 06:25 6-12-2001, Peter B. West wrote:
>I don't know how kosher this is, and would appreciate any comments.  I am 
>also puzzled by the constraint in the spec (5.9.6 Absolute Numerics) that:
>In addition, only the mod, addition, and subtraction operators require 
>that the numerics on either side of the operation be absolute numerics of 
>the same unit power. For other operations, the unit powers may be 
>different and the result should be mathematically consistent as with the 
>handling of powers in algebra.
>As I read this, it means that, while I can divide a <length> by a number, 
>resulting in a <length> of the same unit power, I cannot take the mod of a 
><length> using a number.  Can anyone explaing the reasons for this restriction?

Modulo only makes sense when the quotient is an integer.  When you divide 
four inches by three, there isn't anything left over; you have three parts 
of 4/3 inches each.  But if you take three-inch pieces of four inches, you 
have one inch left over.

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