what you are willing to do must be done in XSLT. if you know the width of 
each column, then you will have no trouble writing a test in your xslt 
stylesheet that will generate a "new continuing table" with the remaining 
columns. You mentioned a new page, take care, what if your table is on more 
than one page already ?

anyway, XSLT offers you arithmetic to test your case, and the template 
rules to generate your table(s).

I do not have sample, sorry.

Hope this helps

Cyril Rognon

At 10:33 11/12/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>just a small problem about fo:table.
>I want create a table with many columns and the total amount width of
>the column will be bigger than the width of the page... How do I have
>to do to tell fop that i want a new page if the total amount of the
>column width is bigger than the page width....
>If someone has an example, thanks in advance
>Steve Favez

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