Hello, Alistair!
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 AH> I posted a set of classes a while back which are a (still broken)
 AH> rewrite of the AWTViewer, designed to give a simple interface to FOP
 AH> from a gui app: it returns the preview window as a JPanel so you can
 AH> stick it wherever you want in your app (JFrame, JInternalFrame,
 AH> JCombo, whatever...), and also allows you to print() and save()
 AH> direct either from the app or from the preview
 AH> JPanel.

 AH> There's a demo class in the zip file which should explain pretty
 AH> well how to use it.
I have FOP 0.20.2 And I couldn't find any zip files in.
Also I have download FOP 0.20.1 and there are no any zip files with examples

 AH> Be aware: the print() method is still broken, and you'll need FOP
 AH> 0.20.1

If it's possible please send me this files thru eMail.
Now I am doing this way:
            options = new CommandLineOptions(new String[]{"-xsl",
            Starter starter = options.getStarter();
But it's shame :-(

Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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