I have committed the patch.

I have only update the cvs HEAD docs, I think it will be easier to handle 
if we just stick to one version of the docs. Since there is only one 

So when the distribution is made the docs should be updated from the main 

On the plus side you don't need to worry about the makedoc scripts :)

On 2001.12.12 18:42 Christian Geisert wrote:
> I'm really sorry, forgot again the attachment ;-(
> Hi,
> I've taken a first look at the documentation and updated some links etc.
> You need to run makedoc in docs/xml-doc to generate the html
> documentation.
> I had a lot of problems to get makedoc.bat to work and after fixing those
> I
> realised that makedoc.sh had already been fixed.
> (Doh, should have used linux ;-)

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