Gorka Echevarría Vélez wrote:
>Can anybody say me how can I send a document directly to a printer?
>I have tried the following code to render the document to a printer using
>"Driver.RENDER_PCL", but it doesn´t work (i get the exception
>    String printer ="////ntsrv_200//prn1";

Jens Thieler wrote:
>> And do try backslahes.

Christian Beer wrote:
>>> P.S: DON'T USE BACKSLASHES - PLEASE!!! It's a windows thing!!! Use
>>> in filenames for java !!

Jens Thieler wrote:
>>>> rubbish

You may (and in this case: should) use slashes on windows machines,
but don't overdo it.
It's either "//ntsrv_200/prn1" or "\\\\ntsrv_200\\prn1".

Jens Thieler

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