From my reading of the spec the "indefinite" value is only in the block 
progression dimension and only applies to continuous media.
FOP is concentrating on paged media at the moment and I don't see this 
being implemented any time soon.

On 2001.12.18 00:17 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> The option indefinite for page-height and width is ignored by fop , and 
> any value passes to these
> attributes that is'nt a numeric value ends up a A4. according to xsl fo 
> reference i could set either
> page-height or width to measurement and the other to indefinite to have 
> the formater generate 1 page with
> w or h adapted to the content.
> Is this a feature one could expect to show up in fop at some point ?
> Thanks
> /Nicklas

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