I have checked the servlet example and it works fine for me.
Once I got the right classpath and the right value for the files it 
correctly worked for the fo option and for the xml+xsl option.

I did notice that after a few failings it sent error meesages to the 
browser, if the correct pdf was then sent the pdf was loaded as text, the 
next time I loaded the pdf it was a blank browser window. Then after 
addiing a dummy .pdf to the end it worked. So if you have troubles blame 
the browser (I'm sure you can all guess which one I was using).

So the example servlet does work properly when setup correctly. It is 
mainly meant for demo purposes you may want to change it for your own use.

On 2001.12.18 11:34 Anders Gunnare wrote:
> Hello World,
> I've installed FopServlet in a TomCat Server.
> When I run the servlet with fo parameter (example, FopServlet?fo=my.fo),
> I get the pdf.
> when I run it with xsl and xml parms (FopServlet?xsl=my.xsl&xml=my.xml),
> I get a blank screen.
> I have downloaded the example code from the CVS, I think there is some
> problem in the renderXML-method.
> Any advise?
> Best regards
> Anders Gunnare
> Frontec
> Sweden

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