I had the same problem until I figured out what I was doing wrong. I'm
guessing that you're looking up the Unicode values of special characters and
then displaying them. The problem (that I had at least) was that if you're
not careful you might use the wrong expression. As you might already know
you can use either &#????; or &#x????; the difference being that in the
second expression ??? is a hexadecimal value as opposed to the decimal value
used by the first expression. When I started playing around with the special
characters I tried using the second expression with decimal Unicode values
for characters and not surprisingly I always got a "#" back. I'm not sure if
this is the same problem that you have.


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An alternative would be to format the item label as "Symbol" and to assign
it the value · :

        <fo:list-item-label >
                <fo:block start-indent="0.0mm">
                        <fo:inline font-family="Symbol">&#183;</fo:inline>
                <fo:block start-indent="7.5mm">

Q u e s t i o n :   I tried Vladimir's solution and, of course, it works. I
tried other Unicode value, but I got always # as a result. Does anybody know
of any restrictions to Unicode in FOP?


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Hi Matt,

Here's how I usually use bullet points:

start-indent="body-start()"><fo:block>SOME BULLET POINT TEXT IN

As you can see from the example all you need to do to create a bullet point
is to use &#x2022; in the place where you want it to appear. Hope this


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