I have a problem with the extension in Fop

Very short what I'm doing :
I'm using Fop to read a XML file with a link to an EPS file.
The EPS file is read, and the information is written out as OPI instruction
to a PS file.
The PS file is then processed in our OPI server.

(I do know that FOP doesn't support EPS, and that the PS image render
doesn't work !)

I have added my own java class in package package org.apache.fop.extensions
and included the deffinition in 'ExtensionElementMapping' and the XSL file

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:fox="http://xml.apache.org/fop/extensions";>
<fox:opi_object src="file:{$FileName}" height="8.7cm"/>

I get the class called correctly but I can't get any of the attributtes to
be read correctly

 [ERROR]: property 'height' ignored
 [ERROR]: property 'src' ignored

I have read the quidelines on your web page ! But I'm I missing something

Br/ Torben Nielsen
Pine Tree Systems, Denmark

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