I have a very strange problem with FOP...

I develop a Web application which displays JSP pages and reports
generated with FOP.

Before generate a report, all my pages are displayed rapidly.
But once I generated a report with FOP, the pages and above all the
images are very slowly displayed.

I have check the memory and it seems to not be the reason...

I tried to use OptimizeIt to check the memory and the CPU use, but with
this tool there's no more slowing down !!!

My configuration is:
- Tomcat 3.2.3 as Web server and JSP engine
- JVM 1.3.1
- Windows 2000
- 256 Mo RAM
- PIII 600 MHz
- FOP 0.20.2RC

The same PC is use as Web server and client.
The slowing down is more important on laptop than on PC with this same
configuration !!!

Have you heard about this problem before ?



Solange Desseignes

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