Hi, all
When I moved from 0.20.1 to 0.20.2RC, I've met a strange behavior of FOP with embedded fonts:
[DEBUG]: Input mode:
[DEBUG]: fo input file: howto.fo
[DEBUG]: Output mode:
[DEBUG]: pdf
[DEBUG]: output file: howto.pdf
[DEBUG]: user configuration file: c:\java\app\fop\conf\userconfig.xml
[DEBUG]: debug mode on
[DEBUG]: dump configuration
[DEBUG]: quiet mode on
[DEBUG]: reading user configuration file
[DEBUG]: base directory: file:/C:/DocFactory/
[INFO]: FOP 0.20.2
[DEBUG]: using SAX parser org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
[INFO]: building formatting object tree
[DEBUG]: setting up fonts
[INFO]: [1]
[ERROR]: >
[ERROR]: >
[ERROR]: >
[ERROR]: >
[ERROR]: >
.... And so on indefinitely, until the ctrl+break striked.
I get no any exceptions, and no other error messages.
When I use the native fonts (not embedded), it seems what everything is OK.
I am a little surprised, because previous FOP versions (0.19 and 0.20.1) works succesfully with
a same my FO files and fonts embedded.
Im using a 0.20.2RC, Sun JDK 1.3.0 on WinXP and Monotype Arial and TimesNR opentype fonts embedded.
FO-Files encoded as UTF-8 (contains cyrillic characters).
Sorry if this is a known issue, but recently I can't to check out this list regularly :-(
P.S. A little request for commiters:
I am developer of the  russian hyphenations for FOP (ru.xml).
ˇould someone replace my former corporate e-mail "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" to
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" in "ru.xml" file and CVS info, please?
My apologies for bothering.
Best regards,
Alex V. Alishevskikh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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