Hi Peter,

Thanks for the work. Maybe this can go with the rest of the design.

I would strongly suggest that you do not write the html.
The apache web site is done from xml and all the images, layout etc. is 
done from a stylesheet. These will also be updated by others.
If you look at "docs/xml-docs/fop/*.xml" this is the xml format. It is 
converted by stylebook (will become cocoon soon) into the html.

On 2001.12.29 02:57 Peter B. West wrote:
> Dear list,
> After sepnding some days wrestling with various graphics tools in linux 
> in an attempt to make html that looked like the standard apache 
> documentation, I finally surrendered and made do with CSS to create a 
> facsimile that should be sufficient for this list.  It works with a 
> recent Mozilla build, and should probably work with IE5.something.
> I have made some notes and some semi-UML diagrams to illustrate the 
> approach I have been taking to the implementation of properties.  These 
> can be found at 
> lease let me know if there is some easy way to get full conformance with 
> the Apache XML norm, or if there are severe problems viewing these pages 
> with modern browsers.
> Peter

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