Title: table-cells and clipping (overflow="hidden")


  I've got a problem with tables and clipping.
  In my document, content of a table cell shouldn't exceed the tabel cell.
For this reason I tried to use the clip or overflow property, but it doesn't work.
Content containing spaces is wrapped, but other content exceed the cell.
  This is a snippet from my code:

    <fo:block clip="auto" overflow="hidden">1.7976931348623157E308</fo:block>
    <fo:block clip="auto" overflow="hidden">you can't read this</fo:block>

  Is this my fault or a bug in FOP? I'm not too good in XSL:FO... is there another way
of defining things matching my needs?

Best regards,
Jens von Pilgrim
4flow AG
Berlin, Germany

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