How do you render ? with cocoon ?
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Gesendet: Montag, 7. Januar 2002 22:39
Betreff: How to process "wide" tables

I've figured out how to repeat certain table data on top of each page for "tall" tables (more rows than can fit on a page) but now I'm struggling with "wide" tables (more columns than can fit on a page).
For example, let's say the page can fit 4 columns across and 5 rows down.  My xml data has 12 columns and 20 rows.  This should result in 15 pages - 3 pages across for every 5 rows down.
Can anyone help me get jumpstarted?  Ultimately I won't know ahead of time how many columns the data contains and would need to drive the process based on the count of columns and how many can fit across a page.
Larry Mason

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