I know this problem has been discussed some times before,
(the first time 2000-10-8, at this time i hardly knew XML at all ;)
but i'm not able to find anything like a solution or comment
that might help me.

The problem is as follows:
We're trying to create documents like invoices via XML, and
to print them, we use xsl with formatting objects, and last but
not least, we use FOP (0.20.2 CR) to generate PDF-Files we'd
print after a preview.

Now the problem is, that all layout information like page margin or
cell-width in tables are not displayed/printed correctly, which makes 
the conversion to PDF practically useless. These problems don't occur
when we send the output directly to the printer, then every inch is
set correctly. Also, tests run with XEP 2.5 as Formatter seem to have
the same results, and the PDF-Files are unusable.

i'd appreciate a comment on this problem,

regards,         Lars Karschen

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