Hi, there.

Trying to create a FOP Extension I'm getting totally confused with the docs.
The HTML document says to just have a look at org.apache.fop.extensions.*
and implement the ExtensionObj interface. ExtensionObj is not an interface
but a class, and hardly documented. So all I know is I need to overload the 

public Status layout(Area area)

method. I have rendering code that eats a dom tree and spits out a
java.awt.Image or GIF or whatsoever. Looking at the SVG extension code
confused me more than it helped. From the list archives I could not derive a
cookbook what to do.

- What class do I have to extend: Area (like SVGArea) or ExtensionObj?
- How is this new class going to get the DOM tree inside the
fo:instream-foreign-object element?
- How is this new class going to pass the rendered image to FOP?
- How do I correctly register the new class so FOP will call it?
- What happens if I cannot provide name spaces on the elements?


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