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Patrick Andries wrote:

> I have busy evaluated the FO technology and I would like to hear from 
> people that are using it for real-life business needs.
> What kind of documents are they using it with ? What volume ? Embedding 
> it in servlets ? How do they cope with the "speed" ? How do they justify 
> using FO to their bosses ?
> Anybody with both 3B2 and FO  or Compuset and FO experience ? I would 
> love to hear your story.

   We use FOP in commercial projects, e.g. for generating documents for 
life insurance (proposals, policies, change requests, claims, payment 
orders, ...) in front-end application (servlet based).

   We integrated (a little patched) FOP into HyperQbs 
(http://www.hyperqbs.org) as an alternative parser and we use it that way.

   We (and our clients too) are satisfied with quality of documents 
generated by FOP except of problems with "keep-with-next" attribute 
which is not implemented correctly yet. This is the only complaint we have.

   Best regards,

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