setContentType("Application/pdf") worked for me in http environment.
Perhaps test if you face a client or server bug by downloading a simple PDF
via the Webserver and HTTPS. If the client still asks for a password, I'd sa
it's a client bug. Maybe the acrobat viewer is considered unsafe as ActiveX?

This has nothing to do with FOP.


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> Von: Matthew Case [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Gesendet: Montag, 14. Januar 2002 15:17
> Betreff: FOP servlet use and SSL?
> I'm working on a servlet that lets the user edit some fields and then 
> generates a custom PDF on the fly to allow the user to preview their 
> changes. All is fine and well but when I call
> response.setContentType( "application/pdf" ), IE gives me a 
> message box 
> saying "this page has both secure and nonsecure items" or 
> some crap like 
> that. Pressing "No" to "View Nonsecure items?" still brings 
> up my PDF. I got 
> rid of the part that actually creates the PDF and stopped 
> processing at the 
> setContentType call. When the call was turned off the message 
> box went away 
> and when I turned it back on it came back, so I'm 99% sure 
> it's that call 
> that's doing it. Does anyone know why setting your contentType to 
> "application/pdf" on a webpage being delivered via SSL would make IE 
> complain about nonsecure items on the page? Even when there's 
> nothing on the 
> page and all I've done is set my contentType?
> Matt
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