I'm not sure I understood everything. The FO is normally built using
XSLT. And if it's done right, there's really no need to save the FO to a
temporary file. Instead FOP can use SAX output events from the XSL
transformation as direct input. Where have you seen this?

So if you want to have an FO file, I suggest you look at JAXP 1.1 on how
to do XSL transformations. This has actually nothing to do with FOP.

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:28:54 +0100 Luigi Savini wrote:
> How can i get in output a fo document?
> I can see that for huge xml docs, fop creates a temporary fo file instead of saving 
>it into memory.
> I need to apply changes to sources to obtain that fo file as a result of the 
> Does someone know in which part of the code this fo file is builded?

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