A few month ago Eric Dalquist added support for storing JPEG images in DCT
compressed format within a PDF file. This was triggered by his requirement
to have PDF files containing many JPEG images.

I have got a similar problem but I need to store many TIFF / CCITT Group 4
encoded images within a PDF file. Similar to JPEG the PDF format does
support CCITT compression.

So I went ahead, grabbed Fop-0.20.2RC and added support for storing CCITT
Group 3/4 encoded TIFF files in PDF CCITTFaxDecode format.

I have done that using code from the JAI codecs to decode the TIFF
directories, therefore this enhancement is JAI dependent.

If anyone is interested I am happy to provide the changes to individuals or
if there is general interest to give the changes to FOP developers with CVS
update access for integration. So far I have tested it only with a very
limited set of TIFF files and therefore I don't think it is ready for prime
time yet.

While doing all this a related question popped up:

In the current system JPEG images appear to be triple encoded, eg. the PDF
        /Filter [ /ASCII85Decode /FlateDecode /DCTDecode ]
This seems to be a bit of an overkill and a simple
        /Filter /DCTDecode
should suffice and make the files even smaller or is there a reason behind
using the triple encoding scheme?


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