At 2002-01-17 14:40 +0100, Stefan Schmied wrote:
>We want to change the sequence of pages AFTER the generation of the
>PDF-document with FOP.
>Our intention is to publish a document like a book, so we have to produce
>a sequence of pages like : 1, 4, 2, 3... ( not 1,2,3,4  ...).
>It is possible to alternate the sequence of the pages?
>In other words : It is possible to have some influence on the
>PDF-serialization process ?

For years I've needed to do this with my PDF books in order to offer 
stacked double-sided copies of the publication.

I have been *more* than satisfied (ecstatic?) with Quite Imposing:

It's the best investment in my publishing process.  I'm running Quite 
Imposing version 1.5b(EN), not even Quite Imposing Plus, and I can do all 
the rearrangements of pages that I need through simple and straightforward 
GUI interfaces that figure out all the wierd page numberings needed for 
different options.

I highly recommend it and take the time to cite in the colophon of my books 
and instructor-led training material.

................. Ken

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