Hello all,
  I am using Xalan to process some xml files for transformation to fo and
then fop to write pdf's.  I have one xml file for each chapter of a book and
I want to have a separate pdf for each chapter.  However, the page numbering
needs to be continuous from one chapter to the next, that is the first page
number of each subsequent pdf needs to be the next page after the last page
of the previous pdf.   I notice that the only information fop needs is
fo:page-number to know when to write the actual page number to the pdf
pages.  Is there a way to save the last page number for later use, such as
to write it to a temporary file?
Any suggestions are appreciated and thank you in advance.
  Matthew L. Avizinis
Gleim Publications, Inc.
   4201 NW 95th Blvd.
 Gainesville, FL 32606
(352)-375-0772 ext. 101

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