Title: RE: refocusing fop-dev and fop-user?


I admit beeing a FOP user, therefor I'm asking FOP questions, too...
I've subscribed this developer mailinglist because it was the only available mailing list. On
http://xml.apache.org/mail.html is only the fop-dev listed - is there also a user list?

If there is a fop user list, it should be added to the mailing lists list!

Of course there exist probably some general FO mailing lists - but the problem with FO/FOP is, that FOP doesn't implement the specification 100% and thus I'm always unsure whether I made a mistake or if it's a missing feature in FOP. That's why I prefer a FOP user list instead of a general FO list.


Jens von Pilgrim
4flow AG, Berlin, Germany

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