I have to call a xmlproducer trought Internet explorer (any version 4+ 5+
the url is like


the dummy.xml is transformed in a PDF output truoght the xslfile.

I think Internet explorer uses a not clever mechanism to display the PDF in

It seems it recognises the content-type 
(in the save-as dialog box it shows 'Adobe Acrobat file' in the file type

but instead of saving I decide to display the file, Internet explorer save
anyway the file in a temporary folder as dummy.xml and then try to open it,
but in this case the extension .xml confuses IE and the result is never the
same in the different versions of explorer.

I think the problem could be resolved if I could invoke the producer by the
followin URL


The question is:  How can I call a producer using dummy.PDF instead of
dummy.XML ?   

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