Scott Moore <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry about the subject line, but my previous subject "SVG Problem with FOP"
> got no replies.
I read it but had real work to do.

> However, it still can't locate the
> gradient definition.  It gives the following error "An I/O error occured
> while processing the URL 'file:C:/Projects/Dev/Gradient.svg#PurpleToWhite'"

Try an absolute URL, with emphasis to the triple slash, as this is
the correct form for file URLs.
Check the location carefully. If this succeeds, you could try
to set the baseDir configuration parameter to
"file:///C:/Projects/Dev/", search the FOP doc for how to do
this (presumably in the userconfig.xml).

> The exception generated by Batik now identifies the correct file, but still
> can't seem to locate the gradient definition.

The I/O-Error seems to indicate the generic problem of not
getting some or all of the content of the file. Changing the
content wont fix this. You may have to experiment a bit.
For example, try access a small GIF from this directory
as fo:external-graphic. If FOP gets an error with the GIF
file, it's the directory or the URL syntax or something 
more general. If the GIF shows up, it's your SVG file, perhaps
you should check well-formedness or SVG-validity or whatever.
I really can't help much further, you'll have to solve the
problem for yourself.


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