Hi all,

I have been following this list from some time now, and I am using FOP for 
a few month. This piece of software totally respond to my formatting needs.

The only issue is with memory consumption as soon as I use tables wich use 
more than one page. I beleive there might be some memory leak  here (I have 
not checked that, just a feeling) since I have tried the "use as many page 
sequence you can" trick and yet the more multi page table my file have 
(even though they do not belong to the same page sequence), the more memory 
it eats to render to PDF.

I use  0.20.3rc, I am going to use fop because I think it fits my needs. If 
anyone have some clue about lowering the memory waste, I would be very very 

I can even investigate some java code if someone show me where to look.

Thanks for the great job, any hints welcome.

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