> got a question. when i use FOP i use it with different fonts then allready
> specified... and loading those fonts into the java takes some time....
> now i want to make that FOP more performant... Is there a way to make
> classes (like some allready exist) off them fonts so that the rendering
> takes less time....
> if there isn't a way supplied, can i adapt them classes (or java's) to
> whatever font i want?

That was actually the way it was done about a year ago. Personally, I
don't think it will help performance a lot. There are more
performance-critical parts in FOP. Or did you do any measurements that
lead you to this conclusion.

Anyway, if you really want to create classes for your fonts, have a look
at build.xml and the codegen folder which contains XSLTs that convert
XML font metric files to Java classes. Then you need to add these
classes in org.apache.fop.render.pdf.FontSetup.java.

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