Roland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Wrong! Look at iText to see how simple their
> examples are. They build a complex table with just a few lines of java
> codes. Try doing the same with the XML/XSLT/XSL:FO approach and I guarantee
> you that the total outcome will be much more both in lines and complexity.
> I think to generate PDF with iText is as easy as generating XML from Java.
> XSLT is just a complicated language.

You seem to assume that everyone wants to generates PDF form a Java program,
using XML/XSLFO only as intermediate steps. In this case, you would have a
However, it is possible that
1. The primary source is already XML (file or database), or you get XML
  from a source you can't control (for example a web service).
2. Apart from PDF, you have to present the same information in another
  format, in particular (X)HTML, perhaps and/or WML, VoiceXML, SVG ...
  I have to note we also generate source code in various programming
  languages as well as DDL and initial databease input from our XML 
  using XSLT.
If one of the above is true for a project, XSLT+FO can save some work
and ease maintenance. If you have both, it's a very strong case for
using XSLT+FO, other approaches are getting unmaintainable quickly.


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