> I am using FOP-0.20.3RC.
> I have an xml file coded in 'utf-8'.
> So I add at the beginning of my xsl-fo file the 
> line : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
> And I want that the default font is 'Helvetica' and 'Symbol' 
> when there are symbols in the text (which are not 
> available with Helvetica font).
> Therefore, I try <fo:block font-family="Helvetica, Symbol">
> but I got an error message
> 'unknown font Helvetica, Symbol,normal,normal so defaulted font to any'
> I try to put quotes surrending font name 
> (<fo:block font-family="'Helvetica', 'Symbol'">)
> but the same error occurs.
> FOP doesn't seem to find the separator between fonts.
> Can someone help ?

I think that's is something that came in between the CR and Rec of
XSL:FO. FOP is still not 100% compliant to the XSL:FO REC. So currently,
you can only specify one font.

Try working with fo:inline in the meantime.

But thanks for bringing this up. I didn't know about this change until
today. Would you be so kind as to create a bug report in Bugzilla? This
will likely remind us to implement this functionality one day.

Jeremias Märki


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