Hi all,

If the there isn't enough space for the <fo:footnote-body> on the bottom of the last 
page of a document, is FOP supposed to create a new page for it? I'm currently using 
version 0.20.1.

For some reports, the disclaimer isn't appearing as the number of records returned 
goes to the bottom of the page and there isn't sufficient space for the <fo:block> 
within the <fo:footnote-body>

Any ideas? Thanks,

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> From: Etienne Baert (SPSInfoquest nv) [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Tuesday,4 December 2001 1:40
> Subject: RE: Attaching text to bottom of page
> Finally, I solved my problem by using a <fo:footnote>
> like this :
> <fo:footnote>
>     <fo:inline/>
>     <fo:footnote-body>
>         <fo:block>my text to be placed at bottom of a page</fo:block>
>     </fo:footnote-body>
> </fo:footnote>
> Many thanks,
> Etienne Baert

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