When we compared FOP and XEP in June last year, both are using roughly
the same amount of memory and took the same amount of time (roughly).
We had thought, "Here's a commercial product, maybe it's faster and use
less memory."  We were wrong.  XEP does generate nicer outputs and
supports more of the elements in the XSL recommendation.

Weiqi Gao

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Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 3:32 PM
Subject: Surprising XEP vs. FOP benchmarking results

160k FO file -> 3 page PDF document:

FOP - 1.9 sec.
XEP - 51 sec.

Wow. I've attached the FO file. Has anyone else seen this kind of
perfromance gap? Or am I doing something wrong? 

FYI - I'm using the standard out of the box batch file to run it. In the
FO, I had to change master-name to master-reference in the
page-sequence. Also XEP doesn't like blank table-cells, I had to fill
them with empty block elements But those were the only two things I had
to change. I'm going to email RenderX and see if they have any response.
If it's something in my FO that's still a little scary. I've never seen
FOP slow down like that based on something in the FO.

Just thought you developers might be interested in this. I'm on the
fop-user list finally, and I'll be bugging them for all my user-related
inquiries in the future.

I do like XEP's output. Easy to debug FO problems. By the way, most of
the time was taken up outputting the individual the pages on the line
that starts "(sequence one (flow...", if that means anythig to you

C:\xep>run ReportOutput.fo
[input ReportOutput.fo]
[output ReportOutput.pdf]
(S (parse [system-id file:/C:/xep/ReportOutput.fo]))
(I (masters )(sequences (sequence [master-reference one](static-content
[flow-name xsl-region-before])(static-content [flow-name
xsl-region-after])(flow [flow-n ame xsl-region-body])))) (F (BkMaker
(sequence one (flow [page-number 1][page-number 2][page-number 3])
(static-content [page-number 1][page-number 2][page-number 3])
(T (SAX [page-number 1][page-number 2][page-number 3]))

Keep up the good work!

Matt Savino


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