On 2002.02.11 16:44 Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> On Monday 11 February 2002 16:04, Peter B. West wrote:
> > . . .
> > A good way to build pipelines is with a series of pipes with
> > nice orderly linear data flows.  Then snapping off a LayoutManager
> > and clicking in a StructureListener is trivial.  In any case, surely
> > the output from the FO Tree builder should be identical, whatever is
> > downstream?
> I think so too. Maybe introducing an extra step in Keiron's diagram
> would help, from:
> > > SAX Handler -> FO Tree -> Layout Managers -> Area Tree -> Render ->
> > > document
> to
> SAX Handler -> FO Tree -> StructureListener -> Layout Managers -> etc.
> Saying that LayoutManager "is a" StructureListener (whatever we call
> it) would make things clearer IMHO.  Could maybe just be a matter of
> renaming or commenting a few things in LayoutManager to make it more
> general (or make it clearer that it's already general enough)?
> - Bertrand

For the steps that I put in all the data passes through those steps. The 
Structure listener probably only handles some parts of the data.
I would say the StructureListener and the LayoutManagers are equivalent in 
terms of using the FO Tree and performing tasks with certain parts of the 
FO Tree. Maybe Structure Renderer is a better term.

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