On Thu, 2002-02-14 at 09:57, Jim Urban wrote:
> Has anyone used FOP within a Java Web Start application?

I've used FOP in an application.  I've used Java Web Start.  I have not
put an FOP application in Java Web Start.  I don't see any reason it
couldn't be done, though.

> I need to produce
> formatted reports for browsing and printing in a JWS application.  I'm sure
> I can use the AWT option to display the report.  My concern is, will the
> print option of the AWT window work within the JWS environment?

You will need to request the grant of permissions by the user.  You can
request that all-permissions be granted.  But then you have to sign all
the jars.  With FOP, all the jars that are needed are distributed.  So
you don't have to search your CLASSPATH to find out which jars to
include in your JNLP file.

> Also, does the AWT presentation use the old AWT objects or Swing
> objects?


Weiqi Gao

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