Hi all,

Now that it's delivered, I did some testing and fixed some stuff. I had
forgotten (between the time I wrote it and the time I fixed it up the
other day before committing it) that the java Rectangle classes use the
top left as the origin point, not the bottom left as does PDF and
Duh... definitely been away too long.
So I messed around with the various rotations and translations to make
them work to produce bounding rectangles in the Java system, otherwise
the results were not so great. It now produces reasonable viewport
rectangles for various combinations of reference-orientation and
writing-mode on simple-page-master.

Still needs more testing though. Also I'm currently interpreting the
absolute margin values on region-body as though they were writing-mode
relative, which is clearly wrong. Unfortunately, I discovered that the
corresponding property stuff isn't working for space-before and
space-after and that though it is working for start-indent and
end-indent, the region-body "indent" values are inheriting the absolute
margins specified on the simple-page-master, which is not at all what I
want. I'll think about that and try to fix it.


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