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>This would be useful in writing addresses exempli gratia:
><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
><fo:root text-align="justified" font-size="12pt" font-family="serif">
>       <fo:block>
>               Bilbo Baggins,<fo: newline />
>               Bag End,<fo: newline />
>               Underhill,<fo: newline />
>               Hobbiton,<fo: newline />
>               Westfarthing of the Shire.
>       </fo:block>
>At present, I can get the effect I want with tables.
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>I guess the reason nobody thought <fo:br/> or <fo:newline/> would be
>required is because a U+000A will do the trick.

Thank you. I had assumed that that character would count as white
space, and would be normalised away.

I will try it.



My answer was so terse that maybe it sounded snippy, which was not my

I also can't say that FOP is up to spec with whitespace handling. I'm
thinking that it's not, but I'll have to check myself. So my comments are
related to the spec only.

In any case, a linefeed (LF) must be honoured, and result in a linebreak.
_If_ the conditions are right. What that means is, the initial value for
"linefeed-treatment" is "treat-as-space", which _does_ do a conversion of
U+000A to U+0020 (space). So you would want to specify
"linefeed-treatment='preserve'" on an ancestor flow object (possibly
fo:root) and allow it to propagate to the FOs of interest, as it is
inheritable. The "whitespace-*" properties do not affect the linefeed, and
suppress-at-line-break can also be left as it is.

But essentially the LF is there to accomplish what you want to do. The
initial setting of "linefeed-treatment" acts to give us LaTeX-like
behaviour, but unlike LaTeX we can switch to something different in this
regard, rather than use new markup.


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