hi !

i have an embbeded user font...
in my application i use arial ( own user font) and everythins works...

question 1: from where does acrobat reader get the font ? is it embbeded in
the pdf file or what ?

i have a servlet and when i generate the pdf out of that servlet the pdf is
much more smaller than the one
generated in the application.

one reason could be, that the userconfig.xml is not loaded...( where does
fop look when i just say:
      Options options = new Options();
) ?

i my application i have the fonts, xmls and userconfig.xml in the same
directory where the application is.

in the servlet i have these files in the root directory of the server, but
somehow fop makes a smaller pdf file and
when i start acrobat reader it says that a font for a substitude font is
the font arial, bold can not be found...
so where do i have to put the truetype fonts ?


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