Hi Nick,

as far as I understand it this is not an FOP error:

If you specify "Transport Inkubator 5400" the word "Inkubator" doesn't fit
in the first
line anymore and is therefore put into the second line.

If you specify "Transport-Inkubator 5400" only 5400 is put on the second
Transport-Inkubator is one word and can only be separated by hyphenation.
It cannot be wrapped.

You could clip the word. Bit this doesn't make sense in your case I suppose.
And clipping is not implemented yet.


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Hi !

i think this is a bug (following problem ):

I have the text "Transport Inkubator 5400" in a table cell, but the table
cell is to small to display
the whole text, so it wraps, but it doesn't wrap correctly...
the text "5400" is in the next line, but the "r" of "Inkubator" goes into
the next cell !!!of the table row!!!
that looks not right.

here's the code:

<fo:table-cell border-width="0.1mm" border-style="solid"
padding-before="15pt" padding-start="2pt" padding-end="3pt"
        <fo:block wrap-option="wrap" font-family="Helvetica"
                Transport Inkubator 5400

if anybody knows an answer, please let me know.

there's also a screenshot i mailed, you can see, how the text exceeds the


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