Hi all,

the second Release Candidate for 0.20.3 (Maintenance release) is
finally available at http://xml.apache.org/dist/fop for downloading
and testing.

There will be no new functionality added and if no new bugs show up
FOP 0.20.3 will be released next week (target date is 27. Februar ;-)

Changes from previous Release Candidate:
- Proper use of font encodings for "native" fonts
    Submitted by: Peter S. Housel ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) and Rainer Garus
- jimi.jar removed for license reasons
- Added "Printing from a servlet" example
    Submitted by:       Ralph LaChance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
- make sure label-end() value gets calculated
    (fix for bug #6094, endless loop while processing list-item-label))
- Improved i18n support for AWT viewer (Japanese dialogs)
    Submitted by: Satoshi Ishigami ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
- Generated text is written in UTF-8 encoding instead of ISO-8859-1
- MIF output strings escaping (see bug #1332)
    Submitted by: Vicente Salvador ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
- Fixed NoSuchElementException in MIF renderer (Christian Geisert)
- Added Polish Hyphenation based on TeX hypenation
    Submitted by: Marcin Kuthan [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
- Added greek Hyphenation
    Submitted by:       Dimitris Kamenopoulos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
- Added hungarian Hyphenation
    Submitted by:       Simon Geza <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Just a reminder:
This version has been updated to XSL 1.0 Recommendation syntax and
requires JDK 1.2 or better.


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