> Just as an idea: Have you looked at Avalon Excalibur's caching package?
> Pretty good stuff.
> By the way: What's the current agreement whether to use Avalon or not? I
> mean, we're already using LogKit (which is cool). On the other side, if
> we moved to the newer org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.Logger
> interface we would be more Logging framework independent (which was
> something a few people wanted). And considering that Cocoon is one of
> FOP's biggest customers and that they're using Avalon, both, FOP and
> Cocoon, could profit from the synergies. Currently, some interesting
> stuff is being moved from Cocoon to Avalon Excalibur that FOP might also
> profit from. On the other side: Avalon is lean but it brings some more
> jars to include in the distribution (which some people don't like) and
> takes some time to understand to really profit from.
> Hey, don't flame me because I have expressed this. I'm just dreaming
> aloud. :-) I mean, we're using Avalon here at Outline and we're starting
> to get good at it. It helps us very much in making better code.

There are a number of packages in Avalon that would be useful, such as 
command line parsing.
I would be for an integration in general espacially since cocoon uses it.

There will be resistence to the extra jar.

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