Hi all,

after switching from fop 0.20.3rc to fop 0.20.3rc2 i was
surprised about the broken PNG support. I got a lot
of error messages like
[ERROR]: Error while creating area : Error creating
FopImage object (Error creating FopImage object
(file:/path-to-bitmaps/img01.png) :

Finally i got it working - after a lot of time and
copying jimi-1.0.jar to the lib directory and
re-compiling the sources. The reason is the
conditional compiling of the JimiImage.java only if the jimi.jar
is present (build.xml).

I think, possible solutions are:
1. Please state this behavior more explicitly ("You have to make
your own fop.jar if you want PNG support."),
2. Make the Jimi support default - delete the conditional include
of JimiImage.java.

My favorite is option 2.

TIA, Sven

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